Staub Round cocotte, cherry

  • Round cocottes are used for cooking stews.
  • Staub cocottes ensure pure cooking pleasure and enjoyment with the continuous self-basting lids.

  • Special Majolica enamel finish.
  • Made in France.
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Product Description


Round cocottes are used for cooking stews.

Staub's Cocotte, the first choice of the world's most renowned chefs has an under-lid drop structure specially designed to ensure that condensed water formed during the cooking process is consistently and evenly basted over the dish being cooked. Meat stays tender and vegetables remain juicy. Flavors are released in full intensity and nutritional values are retained. Whatever you are cooking, with the cocottes from Staub your meals will always be tasty, flavorsome and healthy.

Staub self-basting-sytem:

The unique design and weight of the flat lid with special spikes, guarantees the best moisture retention and even distribution for continous simmering.

Staub self-basting system vs. Conventional lid:

Staub self-basting systemConventional lid

Special majolica enamels: comprising 100% glass:

The uniquely bright enamel with its intense and deep shades is the result of the technique used to give majolica enamels their color.

The three-coat majolica enameling process:

  • Black base coat applied to prepare the rough cast iron, ensuring a superior finish by smoothing over the irregularities in the cast surface.
  • Colored enamel coating.
  • Finish coating, the special majolica formula that gives the colors a high gloss, intense shades and contrasts.

10% more moisture:

A test by Cetim Cermat (11/2009) shows that the Staub Cocotte retains 10% more moisture than other pots of the competition, after cooking for 55 minutes.

9 times more effective:

The self-basting system of the underside of the flat lid, specially contoured, creates a continuous dripping over all the food inside. The special design of the Staub lid distributes moisture nine times more effectively than any other conventional lid.

Some advantages of enameled cast iron:

  • Ingredients retain their nutritional value and flavors. Vegetables remain juicy and meat does not dry out.
  • With a Staub Cocotte, you always obtain delicious and nutritious results.
  • The resistance and heat-retention properties of cast iron have been used and appreciated for centuries in Central Asia.
  • Cast iron is a carbon-rich iron alloy, a material that is good at retaining heat, that diffuses it slowly and distributes it evenly.
  • Once cast iron is hot, its heat-retention capabilities allow you to turn the heat down to a minimum for gentle simmering, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Cast iron can also retain cold: refrigerate before serving and your Staub product will remain cold at the table.
  • Enamel, which is made mainly out of glass, is extremely long lasting.
  • Enameled cast iron can be used with all heat sources, including induction.

The inside of the Staub pots is enameled with a matte black finish.:

  • The high-quality enamel has an improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratching.
  • Perfect for roasting, searing and caramelizing.
  • Recognized by renowned professional chefs and amateur cooks.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to clean.

Other benefits:

  • The distinctive nickel-plated or brass center knob can resist 250°C (482°F).
  • The lid has a raised rim that can be used as a spoon rest or to hold ice cubes (special technique to enhance internal condensation when cooking).
  • The handle design ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

With their unique quality and delicate enamel finish, Staub products go exquisitely from the kitchen to the table. The outer surfaces are given at least two coats of enamel using innovative techniques.

Each Staub product is meticulously crafted using traditional manufacturing processes, with a hundred visual and technical checking points to ensure that each product fulfills the highest quality standards. Staub and Paul Bocuse, triple star chef for fifty years, have cooperated closely to the benefit of cocotte lovers since 1998. This collaboration has taken form with new products and new recipes. Staub developed a Paul Bocuse cocotte with an exclusive design, and a series of gourmet recipes were created by the Paul Bocuse Institute. “If I had just one secret, it would be that of a well-designed product.” Paul Bocuse, worldwide prestigious chef and ambassador of French cuisine, was elected Chef of the Century in New York by the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

Staub is a French company created in 1974 by Francis Staub in Alsace, the eastern region with an outstanding history of craftsmanship and culinary tradition. The stork in the Staub logo is the symbol of Alsace as well as a sign of the company’s heritage, identity and character. All of the cast-iron cookware is made in France but Staub is the brand of choice among many of the world’s most famous chefs, including Paul Bocuse. Staub products high quality is proven every day worldwide, in the kitchens and on the tables of the best restaurants and households. In June 2008, Staub became a member of the ZWILLING Group, specialized in top-quality knives and kitchen utensils.

Diameter Capacity
18 cm1.7 L
20 cm2.2 L
22 cm2.6 L
24 cm3.8 L
26 cm5.2 L
28 cm6.7 L
30 cm8.35 L

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Staub
Country of Manufacture France
Series Staub Round cocottes
Color Cherry
Capacity Several values
Material Cast iron
Enamel Two coats


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